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The Mahogany Manor

What is the Mahogany Manor?

The Mahogany Manor is a modern day country club with a twist, specifically focused on Black women in a way that gives us a space to be us, unapologetically and without explanation. The Mahogany Manor is a space where our women can find peace, or take a quick break in the midst of chaos, inevitable and unavoidable daily struggles. The Mahogany Manor is literally a place to relax, relate, rejuvenate and gear up for the next day, next battle or next storm. Black women, and our allies, can collectively come to decompress, rejuvenate and share a common bond of busy work, family stress, professional development and find comfort in the amenities The Mahogany Manor has to offer. Some of the amenities include community, conversation, pamper days, workshops, member field trips and much more. While it's not the standard country club one may envision, it would have the same ideal of social and recreational benefits.


Our mission is to curate an environment and space where Black women can find rest from the stress of it all, or just take a well deserved break. The Mahogany Manor will be a place of peace and moments that would allow vulnerability with each other, time to share our stories to encourage and empower each other in every aspect of our lives, and furthermore, do it guilt or shame free.


Our vision is to be a place where Black women come to truly relax, relate and rejuvenate, while pushing balance and focusing on our self-care. Our members will connect in a way that helps us heal from the traumas throughout our history. We will help set the tone for future generations of Black women to accept who we are, be ok with that, let go of the ideal of being the strong woman all the time, and begin to unlearn any false patterns that have been ingrained in us. We envision being a place where Black women can feel whole, connect and use resources each and everyday to assist them in the journeys we face. Our members will come when they want, but more importantly, when they need to. 

About Us

The Mahogany Manor was developed by two women, LaToye Morris and Tiffany Griffin, who understood the need for prioritizing themselves without guilt or shame. These women recognized there was a huge gap between the expectation of what we needed and what was available to us. Here we are today providing self care tips and motivational content for a community of women that all agree. We will provide our women with the space and opportunity to fill the gap of our needed daily dose of self care which is necessary for our self preservation.

What you should expect?

Women connecting, vibrating, sharing stories, relaxing, and a no judgement zone.

Meet the owners.

Tiffany Griffin &  LaToye Morris

Moms, Wives, &  Women  on a Mission!

Our true vision spelled out for 

                 The Mahogany Manor.

A place to unwind, decompress, and find serenity.

We need to do a better job of  putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do list.

Michelle Obama

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