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The Mahogany Manor is all about self care, pushing balance and being a space to find rest, peace, and comfort to keep going. With a membership to The Mahogany Manor, you can reap many benefits that will not only benefit your soul, but it will provide you with a circle of women that understand your journey and be an essential part of your overall growth.

As a member, you would have many opportunities to grow in self care, but our goal and vision is to provide much more. We look forward to you becoming a member, but more importantly, we look forward to you just Becoming.  Please fill out an application below and when you are ready, really ready, please take this journey with us. 

Fill out the application below and let's go! 

The Mahogany Manor  & Membership

The Mahogany Manor 2023 Annual Membership Fee

Please inquire about 2023 pro-rated fee @ 313-789-1800

Monthly Membership Dues

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